How to make Windows command line (cmd.exe) resizable the quick way

Windows command line window is resizable only vertically. If you want to resize it horizontally you have to change its settings, which takes time and is permanent.
A simple and quick trick will enable a command line window to be resized for one session:

  1. Run wmic
  2. Resize the window
  3. Press Ctrl+C

If you don’t skip step 2 your window will stay resizable.

How to install Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows Server 2012 or The best antivirus for Windows Sever 2012

In my experience, MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) is the best antivirus considering price, efficiency and lightness. Unfortunately it is impossible to install it on Windows Server 2012. Microsoft does not allow it for some reason.

Fortunately, Microsoft has another product which is so similar to MSE that you won’t notice the difference. It is part of the System Center 2012 suit from Microsoft. The whole suit is free but weighs 1.5GB so it is quite inconvenient to download it and find the Antivirus inside. So lucky you are, someone extracted the antivirus for you.
Tested, confirmed to work, and it is clean for sure because it is extracted right from a Microsoft archive.

Note: you may want to look at pytex’s comment for an updated version. I did not test it.