Plum Keyboard KB84 KB87 and KB108 Programming Application and User Manual

I bought a really nice keyboard called Plum 87EC-S which is similar to Noppoo and Royal Kludge offerings. It has adjustable capacitive key switches and it is fully programmable.

Since it was very hard to find the programming application and English user manual of the keyboard I’m putting them up here for others to use:


Thanks go to Steven Dong from EZ MANDARIN SHOPPERS on Aliexpress for finding the software behind the Chinese firewall 🙂

Disk Usage Analyzer for Linux *command line* or Where has all my space gone?

Pick a directory you want to analyze and run ncdu . Yes, with the dot. It should look like that:
ncdu screenshot from the application's website
If you don’t have ncdu installed, install it.
If you can’t, you can use the simpler standard utility du like that: du -hs *
-h makes the output humanly readable, -s tells du that you want to see the total size of items without listing every directory in the file system tree, and * says that you want du to operate on all of the items in the current directory.

The output will be something like:
xxM some_directory
xxM some_file
xxG another_directory

Repeat if necessary for sub-directories.