Plum Keyboard KB84 KB87 and KB108 Programming Application and User Manual

I bought a really nice keyboard called Plum 87EC-S which is similar to Noppoo and Royal Kludge offerings. It has adjustable capacitive key switches and it is fully programmable.

Since it was very hard to find the programming application and English user manual of the keyboard I’m putting them up here for others to use:


Thanks go to Steven Dong from EZ MANDARIN SHOPPERS on Aliexpress for finding the software behind the Chinese firewall 🙂

16 thoughts on “Plum Keyboard KB84 KB87 and KB108 Programming Application and User Manual

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have the CD but can’t get the KB108 to light up except for a few keys. Tried your file, no joy. None of the Fn key combinations work, I may have accidentally reconfigured the Fn key, but then the 4-key reset doesn’t work either so maybe I just got a bad board.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  2. Thanks this is a life saver. I am an owner of many, many boards from vintage buckling spring to ALPS SKCM Blue to all modern… my choc mini with browns is my daily driver because it just types so fast and the pom key caps just glide. I lost the little CD that it came with and this is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU.. Also, never remove the space bar. Took me days to get it back right.

  3. Tried this, and can’t get it to work in windows 10. Plum 84 says keyboard isn’t connected, but it is, I’m typing this message on it. It lights up fine, and all functions that are built in work. I’ve reset the keyboard a few times and tried different USB ports, but it keeps saying its not connected. Anyone else experience this and have a solution?

  4. Switched to a new laptop and don’t remember how to program the KB87. Found this page but unfortunately the link above no longer work (ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE). Too bad…so my search continues….

  5.   These links don’t work anymore! And seriously this is the only place to find the manual for the keyboards without bluetooth of those sizes. Please help!

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